Make a Never-Ending Dungeon or Cavern!
Or Create an Instant City or Village!

DungeonMorphs will remind many long-time gamers of the classic dungeon geomorph booklets of dungeon maps. Currently DungeonMorphs are a set of 90 connectible dungeon geomorph designs. Each side of each 10x10 design has two corridors (at the same positions) leading off the design. So you may keep placing any two designs next to each other (and rotate them as desired) to make the dungeon level as large as you want!


Adventurer Dice Set

This dice set features designs related to barracks, dining areas, great halls, worship rooms and unusual designs.

Explorer Dice Set

Features kill zones (traps), learning areas (mage studies, libraries, etc), prisons, tombs, and unusual designs. (Dice tray not included.)

Spellunker Set

All cavern designs. One die has designs that are part dungeon and part cavern.

Dungeon/Cavern Cards

90 cards featuring all 90 designs from the Adventurer, spellunker & Explorer dice sets. For even more combinations, the back of each card is the mirror of the front.

Dungeon/Cavern Font

Like the cards, the font features all 90 cards. The font is actually several fonts to allow for all 90-degree and mirrored permutations of each design.


All 90 designs were re-created as 1"=5' battlemats. These are free to download. (See below.) Inkwell Ideas' map software Dungeonographer was used to quickly make the battlemats.


A number of bloggers/cartographers have been creating similar designs for the past couple of years. Many of them agreed to join this project.

DungeonMorph Dice were posted on Kickstarter in March 2011. They quickly met their initial goal, stretch goal and even went past a second stretch goal. (Each goal triggered a new set of five dice with all different designs to be created; Resulting in three sets of five dice each for a total of 15 dice.)

Originally a PDF of battlemats was planned and a companion card deck and font were later added. Each of these (battlemat pdf, cards, and font) feature all 90 designs. In fact, the card deck has 90 cards with one design on the front of each card and a mirrored version of each design on the back. The font is actually a set of eight fonts where each font file has all 90 designs at a different 90-degree rotation (or mirrored and rotated.)

Differences Between the Dice, Cards, Font and Battlemats

While all of the products are based on the same 90 dungeon geomorph designs, there are some differences between each product:

The dice are broken up into three sets of five dice each, with each set containing 30 different designs. See the links in the left sidebar's "DungeonMorph Dice" section for which set contains which designs. Each design on each die also contains a small letter denoting the die. ("P" for the Prison die, "B" for the Barracks die, etc.)

The card deck includes all 90 designs. The designs on the cards do include the die numbers and letters matching the design on the corresponding die. However, as a bonus, the back side of each card has the mirrored version of the front side's design. This allows even more placement combinations. (Not only can you rotate the design 90 degrees, 180 degrees or 270 degrees, but you may also flip it and not rotate it or flip it and rotate it.)

The font does not have the die numbers and letters included on each design. It does include separate font files for each of the eight rotated and mirrored and rotated permutations. Each of the eight font files includes all 90 designs.

The battlemats include all 90 designs. Versions of each design are included as a pdf that spans multiple letter size pages as well as a single pdf for large-format printers; a high and low quality PNG of each design; and the raw, original Dungeonographer file. (Dungeonographer is a great, simple Dungeon mapping program which has a free version available.)