DungeonMorph Symbol Key

Letter Codes

Also note that each design (a card or side of a die) has a letter code so you can easily record what you previously rolled. (D3 would be side 3 of the "D" die (dining halls). Here is the list of codes where each column represents a different set of the dice (although the font and card deck have all the designs):

B: BarracksK: KillzonesC: Conjunctions
D: Dining HallsL: Learned AreasJ: Caverns, arbitrarily assigned "J"
H: Halls, LargeP: Prisons/CellsQ: Caverns, arbitrarily assigned "Q"
W: Worship AreasT: TombsX: Caverns, arbitrarily assigned "X"
U: Unusual RoomsV: Very UnusualZ: Caverns, arbitrarily assigned "Z"

Reuse Terms

We want you to re-use these designs! If you'd like to use them, just follow these conditions: The DungeonMorph designs may be republished by anyone (free of charge, even commercially) if 5 or fewer designs are republished in a given item or if the designs are less than 20% of the overall item containing the designs. In either case, you must also note 'DungeonMorph Design from http://www.dungeonmorphs.com' next to each design used or note it for each design in a "list of figures" section and copy this entire message somewhere in the item. An item refers to a website, magazine, book, etc.

You may also email support at inkwellideas dot com if you would like to work out other terms.

DungeonMorph Dice

The initial DungeonMorph Project... roll an instant random dungeon! Strike fear into your players' hearts with a never-ending dungeon always ready to go. Large 1" dice allow for a 10 square x 10 square design. Three different sets of five dice each are available:

Adventurer 5-Dice Set$19.95
Explorer 5-Dice Set$19.95
Spellunker 5-Dice Set$19.95

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DungeonMorph Cards

Deal a dungeon! DungeonMorph cards are a deck of 90 2.5" x 2.5" cards with all 90 DungeonMorph designs on the front. The back of each card is the mirrored version of the front allowing for even more combinations.


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DungeonMorph Font

Type a dungeon! The DungeonMorph font is a set of eight font files you install on your computer. (Windows, Mac or Linux.) Once installed, open any program that lets you type in different fonts and choose a DungeonMorph font and type out your dungeon. (Each of the eight font files corresponds to a different rotation (90 degrees, 90 degrees and flipped, 180 degrees, 180 degrees and flipped, etc.) of all 90 DungeonMorph designs.


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DungeonMorph Battlemats

The DungeonMorph battlemats are all 90 DungeonMorph designs created as battlmats in pdf and Dungeonographer (map editing software) formats. The battlemats were created at a 1"=5' scale, where each DungeonMorph design represents a 100'x100' area. The resulting battlemats are 20"x20" at 300dpi. Each DungeonMorph is done as a single large PNG image and as a multi-page (US Letter) PDF. Also included are versions of each design in the Dungeonographer file format. Dungeonographer is a slick map editor with a free version.

Currently free to download.